Magnus Karlsson


Com-pair is an add-on for Google Forms where random pairs of responses are shown and matched against each other repeatedly. Finally "the best" one remains.

Start by selecting which of your questions you want to analyze. All responses will be shown in pairs repeatedly for you to select the best one. Eventually you will have picked the very best of them.

If there's an odd number of responses, one of them will automatically make it to the next round without having to "compete".

Get it at Chrome Web store


Known issue:

When you create a new Google Form and want to use the Com-pair add-on you will only see the Help-menu, and no other options. I'm not sure if this is the way add-ons for Google Forms are supposed to work, but here's the solution:

  1. Click the Help-menu
  2. Go to this add-ons page in Web store
  3. Click on Manage and select Use in this document
  4. Close the Web store-dialog and reload your form page.